The World's most exciting model contest is waiting for you

Surprise, surprise! For all those who are based in Malta and want to be models… is proud to announce the launch of the greatest modeling contest Fresh Faces 2015 Malta! And all thanks to the modeling agency Noticed Models!


Noticed Models is a boutique modeling agency, founded in 2014. Showing a great success for such a short time, now Noticed Models is launching the FF 2015 contest in Malta! It’s an agency driven by passion for their talents and clients, thus their professional staff guarantees the highest quality of their service. This agency keeps up with the strict standards of the fashion world but also agrees that beauty is unlimited. Noticed Models is always looking for new faces so If you think you have what it takes, apply to Fresh Faces Malta 2015 for your chances of being invited at the Grand Finals on September 5th where you could win a modeling contract and become an international model with Noticed Models! had the chance to discover more about Noticed Models… their motto, the qualities that they’re looking for in a model, and much more! Read below!


Marta – Noticed Models

ModelManagement: Noticed Models is a modeling agency founded in 2014 and is already leading the modeling since in Malta… How is it working in this very competitive industry so far? How did it all start?

Noticed Models: We would be delighted to be called leading modeling agency in Malta. But for now we are just new mother agency founded six months ago. To be honest we are not competing with any other agencies here in Malta, we don’t even know all of them because here are many simple modeling courses called as model agencies. We just want the best for our models, that’s our goal. We want to keep the real name of mother agency, the agency which hears models needs and teaches them to be professional.


Paulina – Noticed Models

MM: ‘Quality not quantity’ is your motto; tell us a bit more about this.

NM: I know how boring it may sound. But we try to keep it simple: we prefer to have 15 good models than 100. The same thing is with partners, we are not trying to work with all agencies or to get to know everybody. We booked our first models for the agencies we were 100 proc happy at the end of their contracts.


Andrew – Noticed Models

MM: What is the ideal type of model for Noticed Models?

NM: Healthy. From inside and outside. There are thousands skinny and tall girls. But that ones who are eating healthy, thinking positive and spreading lots of energy, will always stay in a front line for option to book a job.

MM: How many models does your agency represent? And, who are the most successful ones to highlight to our community?

NM: As I mentioned we started our agency just six months ago, so I guess to hear the number it would be quite funny. We are happy with all of them but as the easiest to work we always find Anna , she is second season in Beijing doing fashion week and working with the same clients.

Anna - Noticed Models

Anna – Noticed Models

MM: How and where do you usually scout models?

NM: We are old-school, we scout in the street, after invite them with their parents to our office. We tried to do it in social networks, but it never worked that good, since nowadays girls are changing one scout to another until you login second time to your account:) So we had to give it up.


Anna – Noticed Models

MM: You’re now launching Fresh Faces Malta 2015, what does it mean to you as an agency to compete in a worldwide model search as Fresh Faces by, and what are your expectations?

NM: We are really excited. And feeling a bit proud! First of all it’s a great chance to scout most promising Maltese models. I promise it will be great event with all the professional industry. With Fresh Faces Malta 2015 casting calls we expect to find at least 12 models to join our Noticed Models Management. All finalists in Fresh Faces Malta 2015 will be offered to sign 2 years contract with us and opportunity to meet all foreigner agencies. Thanks to modelmanagement for trusting us.


Sandra – Noticed Models

MM: What qualities should your winners have? Any tips for the boys and girls out there wanting to participate in your contest?

NM: Of course the model has to fit in strict fashion standards. Also he/she has to have self confidence and spread good energy around. I believe these two factors are the most important for model in his carrier.

Vaida - Noticed Models

Vaida – Noticed Models

Apply now to Fresh Faces Malta 2015 and become part of the leading modeling agency Noticed Models! Make your dream of becoming a successful model a reality!